Retired Queen For Sale – Roxana

Roxana was our beloved breeding queen, born in 2017, but this year we decided to retire her so she can find her forever home. We just had her neutered. She’s very sweet-natured but it will take time for her to settle in. She is better one-to-one. If you are interested, …

Retired adults for sale

We are looking to retire a few of our adults. We have a young silver stud boy who will be neutered, vet checked, and fully vaccinated. We also have 3 girls that we will be retiring.

New litter of kittens

for kitten enquires you are best to phone..if you have an allergy you can also phone and book an allergy test this has to be done if you have an allergy to cats find out if a Siberian is for you before you even think of having a kitten …

Dyfrig Vladimir

This is Dyfrig Vladimir – he’s only a young stud boy, born in April 2017. He is a black, silver and white and is a wonderful boy, but his coat takes a lot of looking after!

Landshut Brits Zora

This is Landshut Brits Zora, our breeding girl. She’s an import from Germany. She is a black-golden-classic and has had one litter – her kittens were wonderful brown classics. She was born in November 2015 so is still a youngster.

Our Cat Runs

Someone had to build the runs. This was down to Davie. 😀  

Vanilla Sky Palagia

This is our Russian breeding girl. She’s a very sweet girl whose full name is Vanilla Sky Palagia. Her colour is black tortie and she was born on the 11th May 2017. She’s a Russian import. Our little dog Brandy loves this wee girl and will wash her face in …

Kittens doing well at 6 weeks

Our kittens are growing up! We were blessed with a tortie tabby girl, a brown tabby boy, and some wonderful little others. There were five cats in this litter and all of them have homes lined up already, so if you want to own a Dyfrig kitten, make sure to …