Welcome to Dyfrig Siberians! We are an award-winning Siberian-Cat Breeder in Scotland.

Here at Dyfrig Siberians we’ve been breeding cats for 16 years, selecting the purest bloodlines from around the world to give our cats the best possible start. We want our cats to have long, healthy lives with their forever families. Our breeding cats win awards, too: we’re proud of our furry companions and want them to go to loving homes who’ll keep them safe indoors.

And did you know, as well as being great fun, Siberians are also known for their vocality, friendliness and for loving human company? Coupled with intelligence and inquisitiveness, this means you get a cat who loves to get involved in everything you do — they’re always willing to lend a paw. Said to be particularly dog-like, Siberian cats are extremely loyal to their owners, are quick to learn, and they greet you when you come home. Some of them even like to play fetch. They may have oodles of energy but the Siberian is also caring and gentle — all kisses, hugs and chirrups.

Dyfrig Testimonial

We got our kitten yesterday, and she is just the most adorable, sweet-natured girl! She’s so trusting and sociable, and she keeps coming to us for belly rubs and places to sleep. She’s been so well cared for and is great with people – we can even rub and hold her paws.

I have no hesitation in recommending Geri and Davie if you’re thinking of getting a Siberian cat. They are very approachable and knowledgeable. I was even given a bag with some toys and a pack of our kitten’s dry and wet food to take home, which helped our kitten settle in even better.

If you’re wondering about the process as I was, you take an allergy test to confirm you’re good with Siberians, then when it’s your turn to have a kitten, you get to see your kitten at 7 weeks – and the kittens are just adorable at that age! Then you go home dreaming about what it’s going to be like when you can take your cat away!

All in all, if you’re thinking of getting a Siberian cat… don’t look any further!


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Have a cat allergy?

Porosha, one of our litter at the end of 2017

Here at Dyfrig Siberians, we have a great success rate with new owners successfully living with a Siberian. This is due to the phenomenon of hypoallergenic cats. Did you know it’s actually not the fur that’s the issue, but the protein Fel-Dh1 in the cat’s saliva? It’s this that humans are allergic to. With hypoallergenic cats, there is little of this particular “protein”.

Also, I have placed as many boys as girls into homes of people with cat allergies and they do not seem to be any different. The only cat you may want to reconsider is the silver-haired variety as they do tend to produce reactions in allergy sufferers.

The cost of an allergy test is £25. You will sit with and pet a couple of our adult Siberians for an hour in an enclosed outdoor summer house to see if you have any reactions to them. In our experience, testing with adult cats is the best way to check for allergies as the cats are fully grown and developed.

Please see our FAQ for more prices and questions.


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